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The mission of is to cultivate, select, develop, and support like‐minded pastors/planters to help further the cause of Gospel‐centered church planting in Chicago.

We value...

  • ...the BIBLE as inerrant, authoritative, and fully sufficient for life and ministry.
  • ...the GOSPEL as the central thrust of the whole Bible.
  • ...JUSTIFICATION by faith alone, through grace alone, on the basis of Christ alone as central to the Gospel.
  • ...local CHURCHES as the necessary entailment of the Gospel.
  • ...DIVERSITY as the demonstration of the power of the Gospel.
  • ...expository, Christ‐centered PREACHING as the backbone of every church.
  • ...BAPTISM, the LORD'S TABLE, and CHURCH DISCIPLINE as necessary marks of each church.
  • ...plural ELDERSHIP as the method of leading individual churches.
  • ...personal DISCIPLESHIP as an integral part of the culture of a church.
  • ...PRAYER as the appropriate posture of a church.
  • ...CHURCH PLANTING as the constant priority of all churches.
  • ...the CITY as an exciting and strategic place for church planting.
  • ...GLOBAL MISSIONS as the responsibity of every church, not to be ignored in the pursuit of local church planting.
  • ...the GLORY OF GOD as the end goal of everything.

For more information contact info@gospelforchicago.org.

Photo Credit: Derek Key
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